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Why is a video missing/showing the wrong time in my CPD record?


Your CPD record can take up to 24 hours to update. If after this time the video is still missing/displaying the wrong viewing time, double check you have set your date range on your CPD record correctly.

If you've waited 24 hours and there's still an error, please contact us so we can investigate the error and update your profile.

Please provide as with as much information as possible when you contact us, including:

  • Your name
  • Your registered email address
  • Title of video you watched
  • URL of the video page you watched
  • Date viewed
  • Duration viewed

Once we have this information, a member of our support team will investigate the issue and get back to you as soon as possible.

Common Errors

CPD errors most commonly are attributed to:

  • Connecting to Insure TV via a proxy network, which is not properly configured to allow our CPD logging system to work accurately.
  • Internet connection may be inconsistent and intermittently cuts out the connection, causing errors with logging.
  • The user has buffered a video (pre-downloaded whilst a valid internet connection maintains) and then watched while not connected to the Internet. This would result in the viewing session not being recorded.

Watching the same video twice

If you watch a video twice there are 2 things that can happen.

  1. If the second time you watch a video is within 24 hours of the first time you watch a video, they'll both be combined together and only appear once in your CPD Statement.
  2. If the second time you watch a video is after 24 hours of the first, you will have 2 entries on your CPD Statement for the same video.